A New Revolution In Rodeo

The only website that offers cowboys a convienet place to plan trips together, enter into roping events, and much more.

Run Roping In The Cloud

With the first of its kind, Cloud based Team Roping Software, Hotshot members can now pre enter into any listed roping event and Hotshot producers can run the draw and post results all in the free Cloud based system. To be come a producer contact producer@hotshot.rodeo

Community Travel

Our easy to use Travel Planning Software allows you a simplified process for planning and coordinating travel arrangments with other cowboys or cowgirls.


Weather you’re selling a truck or buying a horse, our integrated classified system will help you find what you are looking for, or help you sell that specific item.

Cloud Based Rodeo Ecosystem

Member Feature Overview

HotShot Rodeo's core feature is its Cloud based Run Roping System. With this new method of rodeo management, HotShot members can quickly and easily sign up for listed roping events.

  • The ease of use and user friendly interface makes rodeo entry simple
  • Multiple payment methods offered, including safe and secure credit card payments with Stripe
  • See live results of both the Draw and the Event, in real time
  • And Many Other Features

Producer Feature Overview

With HotShot's Run Roping Software, producers finaly have a simplified and free solution for creating and managing roping events.The software offers the following features:

  • Take credit cards, cash, or use a hybrid solution to enter ropers
  • Setup your roping series they way you want it!
  • Run the draw in the Cloud
  • Live streaming updates meaning members will know when the next rotation starts, what team is in the lead, or which team is in the hole
  • And Many Other Features