Cloud Based Rodeo Ecosystem

With recent advances in technology, there is an always growing demand to have a product be available online and in the cloud.

At HotShot Rodeo, we have created a free and exciting new way for members and producers to easily interact with each other, taking the hassle out of the curent process.

Our Features

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HotShot Members | Features

Run Roping System

HotShot Rodeo's core feature is its Cloud based Run Roping System. With this new method of rodeo management, HotShot members can quickly and easily sign up for listed roping events. Because the entire system is run in the cloud, your able to access the system from any device that can connect to the internet.

  • The ease of use and user friendly interface makes rodeo entry simple
  • Multiple payment methods offered, including safe and secure credit card payments with Stripe
  • Enter into events solo, or add a team member that is also a HotShot user
  • See live results of both the Draw and the Event, in real time
  • Recieve your winning entry payout online, through your credit card or bank account

Member Travel Forum

Our members can post into and search our member travel section to either offer or hitch a ride for horses and/or competitors. With the Travel Forum Post options, members can easily browse through available travel listings, and also post one of their own.

If you are going from a rodeo in Texas to a rodeo in Colorado and you have a hole for a horse and a cowboy, post it in Travel Forum. If you charter an airplane to go from California to Wyoming and you have room and want to share the costs, post this option as well inside the Travel Forum.

Member Classifieds

We offer a classifieds section that acts as an exchange portal to buy and sell a variety of rodeo and roping related items.Our current classifieds section includes:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Horses
  • Tack
  • Saddles
  • Roping dummies

With more options added over time, just contact us at info@hotshot.rodeo and we will look into your suggextions.

Featured Videos and Video Library

Looking to find a video on how to perform a great roping delivery? Or, maybe you just want to see top rodeo highlights? At HotShot, we have a growing library of exclusive rodeo training videos, as well as many other rodeo related content.

HotShot Producers | Features

Run Roping System

With HotShot's Run Roping System, producers finaly have a simplified and free solution for creating and managing roping events.The system offers the following features:

  • Take credit cards, cash, or use a hybrid solution to enter ropers
  • Setup your roping series they way you want it!
  • Specify entry fees, stock charge, payback, fast-time, or rounds (to name just a few of the many options our solution provides)
  • Let the ropers know when the books open and close. The books close automatically at the time specified by you.
  • Enter ropers open or as a team
  • Run the draw in the Cloud
  • Run the roping in the Cloud
  • Live streaming updates meaning members will know when the next rotation starts, what team is in the lead, or which team is in the hole
  • Automated payout solution, allows payments to be transfered to the winners credit card or bank account.

With our Module based solution, every producer can choose what should be automated. This allows producers to only accept credit card payments while keeping their current desktop based roping solution.

Online Payment Options

Taking online payments has never been easier with HotShots integrated payment system. After a producer has added a verified bank account or credit card, they are now able to accept credit card payments, and payout winning roppers. All credit card transactions are handled through Stripe, no data is saved on our servers.

Becasue we handle the transactions this way:

  • It makes HotShot automatically PCI compliant (a fundamental financial industry compliance requirement) because we do not handle or store any sensitive credit card information on our server systems.
  • It makes us as secure as possible because a potential breach on our server infrastructure cannot result into any stolen credit card information.

Overview of flexible payment options:

  • Funds will transfer into your bank account the next business day while accepting credit cards.Checks on the other hand may take up to a week!
  • Our system allows for cash payment flexibility
  • Automated reports and statements can be made available
  • Lower risk to your business by eliminating hot checks
  • Lower risk for the ropers as they do not have to travel with lots of cash
  • Less personnel is needed to run a roping
  • Centralized accounting

Run Rodeo Draws and Ropings

One of the key features in HotShot's Run Roping system is the automated Draw procces and live roping results. With the automated draw, producers can quickly and easily produce a draw table of all the ropers in the event, pushing the results live as soon as the draw is finsihed.

Keeping your ropers informed and up to date on what's happening in the events is important, and is another key feature of HotShot Rodeo. With live updates, you can keep your ropers informed on:

  • The next rotation starts
  • What team is in the lead
  • Which team is in the hole

Roping Results Stored Online

With our cloud based system, all roping results are safley and securly stored online and in the cloud. Our active backup system keeps all data secured and stored, in case you ever lose hard copys of roping results. Keep track online of all event results and download to your computer at any time.

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